Then you shop


Find the products:

Click on the desired product via the category on the left. By clicking on the desired

product you will get a page with detailed product information.

If different product options are available (eg size, color, material, fabric

etc.), these options will be displayed on the page. Make sure you have chosen

the right product before placing it in the shopping basket. You can also use

our search function to find what you are looking for faster.

Place the products in the shopping cart:

To put a product in the shopping basket, click in the desired number and any

product options and press the "Add to cart" button. You will find

your shopping cart at the top of the page. You can always see how many products

you put in the shopping cart and what the total amount is. If you want to make

changes to your shopping cart, press "Show Shopping Cart" and then

you can change the number of products by increasing or decreasing the

respective product. If you want to remove one or more products from the shopping

basket, click the trash can that appears in the shopping cart next to the




When you are done with your purchases, click on the button "To checkout"

which appears in the shopping cart Check that the order in your shopping cart

is correct.


Fill in your company and delivery details.

Select the desired method of payment and shipping method.

Specify any customer service requests.

Make sure everything in your order is correct and click on the "Confirm

Order" button. Then a confirmation message is displayed informing you that

the purchase has been completed.

If you have chosen payment VISA or Mastercard, you will be forwarded to the

payment page where you click on "Confirm order". Follow the

instructions on the page. Once you have approved the payment, a confirmation

message will appear indicating that the purchase has been completed.

After the purchase has been completed, an automatic order confirmation is sent to the

email address you entered.


If the quote is requested, press the quote request inside the product page and

send the message to us and we will return.