All our products are manufactured within the EU by the best manufacturers with many years of experience.


We provide furniture for restaurants, hotels, pubs, catering, conferences, lounges, cafes and outdoor environments, events and other public environments where high demands are placed on quality.


We have furniture with outstanding design and also alone in its kind in the Nordic countries. Of course, our products hold the highest quality in design, materials and design.


Most of our furniture is custom made and ordered according to the customer's needs. We offer high qualifications from manufacturers using modern technology with a wide range of high quality furniture.

Our manufacturers are specialists in production, detail work, and enthusiasts.

We can guarantee you the best materials with solid design.


The furniture is made in Modern technology combined with craftsmanship, which guarantees durability and outstandingly stylish products.


All materials used in manufacturing are carefully selected by professional manufacturers.


Among other things, we work with artificial leather that exceeds 50,000 martindale (wear and tear), which meets the requirements when used in public environments.


The artificial leather is also easy to maintain and clean, in addition it is weather resistant.


We manufacture most furniture with environmentally friendly building materials such as wood, which is also durable, durable and can be shaped, but we also offer a wide range made of other durable material.


We offer genuine Swarovski crystal to decorate some of our exclusive furniture for a finer look if desired.


Our event and catering furniture is stackable, even table legs can be folded together to easily store them elsewhere.


Our fabrics are carefully selected to withstand harsher environments and tailor them to your wishes.


All our furniture is world class in terms of quality, range and to the satisfaction of our customers.